Registration & Advising FAQs

When do I get to register?

Registration opens to groups of students based on the number of earned credits. Your registration window will be determined based upon your classification with Seniors registering first and Freshmen registering last. Some populations receive early registration windows.

You can view your registration window by navigating to the Add/Drop Section of BadgerWeb.

What do I do about the hold on my account?

If you have a hold on your account it should say what type of hold it is and which office you'll need to contact to have it removed. You cannot make changes to your schedule when you have a hold on your account so it is important to take care of all holds quickly. If your hold does not give you a number or email to contact, email the Registrar's Office (

I can't add a course I need, what's going on?

Closed | The most likely option is that the course is closed because it is full. You cannot add yourself to courses that are at capacity without instructor permission.

Prerequisite | It's possible you have not met the prerequisites for the course. If you believe there is a mistake in meeting your prerequisites, please contact your advisor.

Corequisite | Many courses have courses that must be taken at the same time--generally a lecture course and a lab. When adding these types of courses you must add them at the same time or else you will get an error.

Conflict | The system will prevent you from registering for a course if it overlaps with another course you are already registered in. Use the swap function to prevent this.

The course I want to take is full, what do I do?

If a course is full only the instructor of record can permit your addition to the course. Generally it is recommended that you search for another course or wait until a future semester to take a course. Courses do not have waitlists but you can contact the instructor to see if they are willing to go over the capacity limit for the specific course.

How do I change advisors?

You may change advisors at anytime. Use the Major/Minor Change Form and request a new advisor.

Why can't I withdraw from all of my courses?

The system will prevent you from withdrawing from all of your courses. If you wish to withdrawal from all courses and end your enrollment at Spring Hill College you must complete the Withdrawal Process through the Registrar's Office. Find more information on the Withdrawal page.

What do I do if my credits did not transfer like I expected?

Credits are evaluated in the Registrar's Office. If you believe a credit transferred in correctly or believe a course you've taken at a previous institution should be a direct substitute for a course here you will want to obtain a syllabus from the other institution's course. Ask the Chair of the Department to review the syllabus and seek their permission to re-evaluate the course, then speak to the Registrar's Office to make the change.

How do I take courses at a local community college over the summer?

Complete the Transient Study Form, found on the Registrar tab of BadgerWeb. You'll need to complete this with your academic advisor and submit it to the Registrar's Office prior to completing the course. Most institutions allow for a simple "Transient Student" admissions process.