Core Curriculum Requirements

Core Curriculum Requirements

All undergraduate students must complete their Core Curriculum requirements in order to graduate from Spring Hill College. There are four Core Curriculums depending on a students' program of study. Some programs of study may include specific courses to meet the below requirements.


□ ENG121 Composition I

□ ENG123 Composition II

□ ENG2xx Literature Topics (1-2)*

Students beginning in ENG105 must still complete ENG121 and ENG123 before completing 200-level English courses.

Honors students may substitute ENG190 and ENG290.

Social Science


Fine Art













Global History (HIS110, 211, 212, or 290)

American History (HIS120, 213, or 214)

BS students can substitute one POL course. Global: POL151 or POL161. American: POL112.

BSTE and BSN students take any one history course.


THL101 Intro to Christian Theology

THL2xx Theology Topics (1-2)*

Honors students may substitute THL190.


PHL101 Introductory Logic

PHL2xx Philosophy Topics (1-2)*

Honors students may substitute PHL190.

Foreign Language


□ LAN102

Students placed into a higher language level will complete two courses beginning at that level. Students placed in 201 will only take 201. Students placed in 202 or higher are not required to take a language.

*Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) must take two of the starred the courses.

Students pursing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Science in Teacher Education should consult specific program requirements as many of the Core Requirements and Overlays are met using specific courses.

Overlay Requirements

All students must ensure they are meeting their Overlay Requirements as part of the Core Curriculum. Overlays can be met at the same time as the required Core Curriculum Courses or Major Courses.

Oral Communication (O)

Students will take two (2) Oral Communication Course (O) or take CMM150: Public Speaking

Example (O) Courses:

  • BUS210: Business Communication

  • HIS110: Nationalism

Writing (W)

Students will take five (5) Writing Intensive Courses. Transfer students may take less depending on the number of courses transferred in.

Example (W) Courses:

  • BUS499: Business Policy & Strategy

  • ENG240: Intro to Poetry

Ethics (E) / Social Justice (J)

Students will take one (1) Ethics or Social Justice course.

Example (E) and (J) Courses:

  • PHL210: Ethics

  • THL250: The Good Life: Christian Ethics

Diversity (D)

Students will take one (1) Diversity course.

Example (D) Courses:

  • BUS320: International Business

  • HIS120D: Slavery


Students will complete one (1) CLIMB experience. CLIMB Experiences can be part of for-credit courses or part of non-credit co-curricular experiences. See below.

Integrations (I)

Students will complete one (1) Integrations course.

**The Integrations Requirement has been waived until further notice.

Cohesive Undergraduate Experience

All students will complete the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience. First year freshmen will complete LEAP, transfer students and spring freshmen will complete New Student Seminar (SAS102). All students will complete a CLIMB experience. REACH experiences vary by academic department.

For more information on the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience visit the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience website.


First year fall admits will take LEA101 with a connected content area course by the same instructor.

Transfer students and first year spring admits will take SAS102.


Students will complete a CLIMB experience as part of a credit course or as a 0 credit co-curricular experience.

CLIMB courses will appear on the schedule with a C Overlay.


Students complete REACH within their academic department. Each REACH experience is dependent on the students' academic major.