Continuing Student Advising and Registration Guide

All continuing students will register themselves for their course schedules use BadgerWeb. For one-on-one support with registering for classes please contact your assigned academic advisor to set up an appointment. Each semester you must be cleared to register by your academic advisor.

  1. Determine the courses you need for your academic program.

Each academic semester you will take a combination of major specific courses and core curriculum courses. As you continue into your program of study and complete your core curriculum requirements you will primarily take courses for your major or minor. Make a list of possible courses to look for based upon your unique program needs. Academic advisors are here to assist you but ultimately you are responsible for registering for the courses you need to graduate.

1a. Accessing and reading your degree audit to determine course needs.

Locate your degree audit on BadgerWeb by logging in an clicking on the Academics tab and navigating to Degree Info.

BadgerWeb header with Academics tab highlighted.
Academics tab sub navigation menu with Degree Info highlighted.

Click on View All Details

Degree audit box from Degree Info page showing the button to click "View All Details"

Your degree audit will indicate which requirements you have met and which are still unmet. Click Show More under each section to learn more about what you still need to complete your program.

Degree Audit screenshot showing different sections of academic requirements.

Your degree audit will indicate by individual requirement and course what has be Met and Not Met. Click on Show More to see more information about the requirement.

Students should use the degree audit to determine the courses they need to graduate. Actual course offerings for each academic semester may not reflect the exact course needs so it is important to plan ahead with your advisor.

Each section will indicate course needs based upon the appropriate core curriculum and program of study based upon your listed major.

For further information about graduation requirements please review the Bulletin of Information found on the Registrar tab on BadgerWeb.

Bachelor of Science core screen on degree audit showing which requirements are met and not met.

1b. Create a draft schedule of courses.

Before meeting with your advisor it's important that you create a draft schedule based upon your course needs and the actual courses offered in a given semester. Put together a course schedule that meets your unique needs. It's important to include several backup course options in case a class you want is full when you go to register.

Schedule of Courses

You can find this semester's schedule of courses on the Registrar tab of BadgerWeb. Course schedules are generally posted at the beginning of the week when the Course Advisement Period begins.

Schedule Planning Resources

Blank Schedule

Schedule Planning Worksheet

2. Obtain registration clearance from your advisor.

Every advisor is different when it comes to scheduling advising appointments and getting cleared to register. The best way to learn how to navigate this process is to contact your advisor directly. The name of your advisor can be found by visiting the Academics tab on BadgerWeb.

3. Register for your courses at your assigned time.

You will be assigned a registration date and time based upon your earned credit hours and special student status. You can view this time prior to registration opening by visiting the Academics tab on BadgerWeb and navigating to Registration and Course Schedule then clicking Add/Drop Classes. This is where you will go to register for your courses once your registration window has opened. You can also access this menu via the Registrar tab on BadgerWeb as outlined in the instructions below.

Gif showing how to locate registration time. Click academics tab, click registration and course schedule, click Add/Drop Courses, change semester to correct semester.

For detailed instructions on how to make changes to your course schedule, review the Undergraduate Registration Instructions on BadgerWeb.

Issues registering?

See if you can get your questions answered on our Registration & Advising FAQ. If not contact or your academic advisor.