Disability Services Resources

Local, State, and Federal Resources

Alabama Assistive Technology Programs

  • Alabama Assistive Technology Programs

    • Medical and assistive equipment distribution program.

    • Loans, computers, and other assistance to individuals with disabilities.

    • For more information, contact (800) 782-7656.

Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

  • Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

    • Assists with issues related to accessibility of services and programs, disability and medical benefits, special education, vocational rehabilitation, housing rights, accommodations for persons with disabilities, protection from abuse and neglect and protection from institutional resident’s right.

    • For more information, contact (251) 479-8611.

Best Buddies

  • Best Buddies

    • Mentoring and friendship program for people with intellectual disabilities.

    • Free email pen pal program.

    • For more information, contact (800) 89-Buddy.

Community Assessment/Evaluations

University of South Alabama Psychological Clinic

    • Offers specialize therapeutic services for local Mobile community

    • Offers evaluation/assessment services to local Mobile community

    • Services are based on sliding scale

    • For more information, contact (251) 460-7149.

Epilepsy Financial Assistance