CASA Staff Responsibilities

The Center for Academic Support and Advising staff make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations that allow for equal access to educational opportunities. Staff members encourage students to advocate for themselves. At the college level, it is the students responsibility to arrange for academic accommodations and to utilize them in the classroom.

CASA Staff responsibilities include:

    • Meeting with students individually after self identification forms and documentation have been submitted to discuss accommodations to be used. To make an appointment to discuss accommodations, email or call 251-380-3470

    • Advising students on use of accommodations and providing support as needed.

    • Preparing accommodations letters for students to give to professors when students submit a Faculty Letter Request Form.

    • Scheduling tests for students who submit Testing Accommodation Forms or Reschedule Test Forms.

    • Providing a testing environment for students who wish to test in a reduced distraction testing environment, use a reader or scribe, and/or test with extended time.