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Request Tutoring Services

While we work to launch the new tutoring software, Accudemia please request a tutoring appointment by the following method:

  1. Email

  2. In the subject line please include the subject and the type of tutor (see below)

  3. In the body please include the course and assignment type and when you would like an appointment

Example Request Email


Subject: CAE Tutor (Math)

I would like to get help with MTH 010 - Intermediate Algebra. I'm needing assistance with word problems. If there are any appointments available for tomorrow or the next day, that would be great!

Available Tutoring Subjects






Health Sciences






Tutor Types

CAE Tutor

Available to all students

TRiO Tutor

Available to students enrolled in TRiO Program. If you are part of the TRiO Program, please request a TRiO Tutor.

Tutoring Locations

Most tutoring appointments will take place in the CAE Room in Burke Library (BL107)

Chemistry: Deignan Hall (the Chemistry Building)

Foreign Language: Language Resource Center (2nd Floor, LAC)

Online appointments are available

Tutoring for Students, By Students

The CAE is your resource for peer tutoring across the curriculum. Peer tutors are available free of charge to students in need of tutoring in Math, Writing, or a Course Specific area (i.e. Spanish, Biology, Theology, etc.). We are pleased to offer a variety of Course Specific tutors, but be aware that not all courses have tutors available. If you would like to inquire about the possibility of adding additional tutors for a particular class, please let us know by contacting one of the CAE directors.

Services Available in the CAE

  • Individual tutoring

  • Group tutoring

  • Electronic and printed resources

  • Test Review Sessions

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

Dr. Pamela Quintana

Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, Mathematics

Dr. Brian Druckenmiller

Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, Writing