Incoming Transfer FAQ

How do I apply to transfer to Spring Hill College? Find information on how to transfer to Spring Hill on the Admissions website. Click here for the Guide to Transferring to SHC

Does Spring Hill offer scholarships for transfer students? Yes! After being accepted to Spring Hill, you will be automatically considered for merit scholarships. Transfer scholarships range from $9,000 to $17,500 annually and are renewable during your time on The Hill. 

How does Spring Hill decide what transfer credit to accept? Spring Hill accepts credit from accredited institutions based on an understanding of the content presented in the course. Additionally, SHC has agreements with all Alabama Community Colleges about credit acceptance. For further questions about how your credits will transfer, please call the Registrar's Office at 251.380.2240. 

When can I register for classes? Student Advising Services will register you for some classes prior to attending Badger Connection. Transfer students register for the remainder of their classes or change their schedules during Badger Connection. During Badger Connection, once you have completed all required placement testing, you will meet with an advisor and register for classes. 

How do I know which classes to take? To get started, visit the Academics 101 website to understand Spring Hill's requirements. For transfer students, placements are based on prior coursework unless no prior coursework was completed, then placements are based upon ACT/SAT scores. At Badger Connection you will meet with an advisor who will help you understand how your credits transferred and what courses you will need to graduate from Spring Hill. 

What is Badger Connection? Badger Connection is intended to help new students transition to the campus. It is a two day event and students are required to stay on campus and participate in all activities. At Badger Connection you will learn more about the campus, take placement tests, meet with an advisor, and meet other transfer students. For more information about Badger Connection click here. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs, 251.380.3023 for more information about Badger Connection V. 

What are the placement tests? Students at Spring Hill College are required to complete a foreign language. The foreign language placement test is for all transfer students who have not already taken foreign language coursework at a previous institutions. Students who have never studied a foreign language are exempt from the placement test. Math and English placements are based on previous coursework or ACT/SAT scores. Those students who have not taken math at their previous institution and do not have ACT/SAT scores should contact Student Advising Services, 251.380.3470, for information about registering for a math placement test. 

Does my current GPA transfer? No, only the credit hours will transfer. Your GPA will start over at Spring Hill College.  Only Spring Hill classes are figured into your GPA once you have been matriculated, so be sure to study hard your first term at Spring Hill! 

Who will be my academic advisor? Transfer students are assigned to a faculty advisor in their chosen department.  Those students who are admitted provisionally, have not chosen a major, and/or transfer less than 24 hours will be advised in the Student Advising Services Office. 

What is the Transfer/New Seminar Course? The SAS 102 course is a non-credit required seminar for all new transfer students.  The Transfer/New Student Seminar is a continued orientation to the college. The purpose is to assist new students in making a successful academic transition to SHC. The seminar will introduce the academic policies and procedures for the college as well as give students a chance to create a 4-year plan. The course will meet once a week and run for 4 weeks, your advisor will register you for a SAS 102 course before you arrive at Badger Connection. 

How can I find out about services for disabilities? For information on academic accommodations contact the Center for Academic Support and Advising, 251-380-3470 for assistance. Click here for more information on services.