Incoming Freshmen FAQ

How do I register for classes? An advisor will register you for a partial schedule before Badger Connection, you will register for your remaining classes after meeting with an advisor at Badger Connection. For more information on Badger Connection click here. 

How do I know which classes to take? An advisor will place you in several core classes before you arrive at Badger Connection and will sit down with you to help you decide what else to take each term. For more information about what it takes to graduate from SHC visit our Academics 101 page

What if I have Dual-Enrollment, AP, or IB Credit? Spring Hill College accepts up to 24 hours of credit for first-time freshmen. For specific information about what is accepted and how to ensure you receive the credits, please visit our Academics 101 page.

I'm an NCAA athlete, how will that affect my schedule? Advisors take into consideration practice schedules when placing you into classes, however for some students in certain major classes may only be offered in the afternoons. If you are an athlete and are concerned about your schedule, sign up for Badger Connection as soon as possible so you have more flexibility in regards to adjusting your schedule.

Who will be my advisor? Your advisor will be a member of the faculty or the Center for Academic Support and Advising. You will be assigned an advisor after your Badger Connection. At Badger Connection you will meet with an advisor in your major, but this individual may not be assigned as your official advisor.

What is a student success coach? Every first time freshmen is assigned a student success coach when they confirm their enrollment at SHC. While the student success coach provides many services, their main role is to be there as a go-to person for students who don't know who to ask or where to go. Each students' success coach is knowledgeable about the resources and processes available at SHC. Student success coaches also work one-on-one with students on academic probation to create an academic success plan. For more information on Success Coaches and to learn who your Success Coach is click here.

What is Badger Connection? Badger Connection is a mandatory two day introduction to all Spring Hill has to offer. At Badger Connection, students will have the opportunity to learn about getting involved on campus, sleep in the residence halls, and meet fellow new students. At Badger Connection students will also meet with an academic advisor and register for Fall Semester. For more information about Badger Connection, please click here

What if I can't decide on a major? That's okay; most college students change their mind anyway! Give yourself time to explore through the classes you take, the people you meet, and the opportunities for involvement on campus. Spend some time exploring the majors Spring Hill has to offer. Also visit our Choosing a Major page for various resources related to exploring majors. Student Advising Services offers SAS 201: Major & Career Exploration which is a career exploration course for students who are unsure of a major or career available to 2nd term freshmen and sophomores. Individual appointments are also available with a career counselor. 

What if I have problems with my classes? Talk to your advisor or student success coach if you experience academic difficulties. The first semester is an adjustment period for most freshmen and you should take advantage of the many resources available. You can find additional support including tutoring on the Academic Support Services page.

What is LEAP? Freshmen are placed into a core required course during their first term at Spring Hill which will be assigned as their LEAP course. An accompanying one-hour LEAP lab will help further prepare students for academic success in areas of Jesuit mission and identity and personal growth. With this group of fellow freshmen, faculty and peer mentors, students will experience a sense of community as you learn together and engage with the world outside the classroom. 

Does Spring Hill offer an Honors Program? Yes, SHC does have an Honors Program! For more information on our Honors Program click here

How can I find out about services for disabilities? For academic accommodations contact the Center for Academic Support and Advising, 251-380-3470 for assistance. Click here for more information on services.   

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