Donnelly Scholars

The Donnelly Scholars program was established in 2008 to serve First Generation College (FGC) students at Spring Hill College. 
FGC students are defined as students whose parents did not graduate from four-year institutions.

Second Generation students have an advantage over FGC students in that their parents have knowledge about how to maneuver through the college/university system. 

The Donnelly Scholars program exists in order to close the gap on that advantage. We help FGC students quickly learn how to move through Spring Hill’s system so that they are equipped to become successful alumni. Our ultimate goal is to assist FGC students to achieve their academic and personal goals.

For more information and to apply for the Donnelly Scholars program, please contact: 
Rebecca Venter-Lombardo

Concerns for FGC students
FGC students face issues that are unique to them. By participating in the Donnelly Scholars program, FGC students can become better equipped to handle concerns like:

  • existing in two worlds: one at home and one at college
  • time management
  • personal management
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • negotiating the college system
  • transitioning to a more rigorous academic load
  • managing money on a tight budget
  • changes in family and personal relationships
  • connecting to the overall campus community