Students who wish to use academic accommodations at Spring Hill College must fill out a self identification form describing their disability and how it impacts their academic performance.

Students who submit a self identification form must also submit documentation of their disability. There are specific requirements for documentation to be accepted.
Students are responsible for communicating their accommodations to their professors and for following the policies and procedures of the Center for Academic Support and Advising.

Each semester, students using academic accommodations must submit a request to have letters prepared for their professors disclosing their academic accommodations.

When requesting to use testing accommodations in the Center for Academic Support and Advising, students must notify CASA staff and their professor. Students using testing accommodations with their professor are not required to notify CASA staff.

Students who request a testing accommodations appointment and have to reschedule their appointment due to the test date being changed, illness, or other circumstances must submit a reschedule request and verify the new test date with their professor.